• Police discourage reports on sexual abuse in childcare: report

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  • @evil_chutney @Gender_Thief If the beholder is onder than 18 it is allowed

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  • Achtergrond in twitterapp is opeens zwart. Iemand enig idee hoe dit te verhelpen? Donkerte ivm herfst is voor mij echt genoeg. #dtv

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  • What a story. Smart of them that the Victims are represented by my Americain colleague @marshlawfirm

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  • Ik las even stadhuis ipv gekkenhuis en dacht dat u buiten en binnen omgedraaid had

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JEADVOCAAT.NL | when it really matters
Herengracht 462, 1017 CA Amsterdam, tel: 020 - 535 75 65
Route description by car

From Amersfoort (A1)

  • Follow at Watergraafsmeer the A10 to A10 Ringweg Oost
  • Take after 3 km exit Duivendrecht (exit S112)
  • Turn after 250m to the left Gooiseweg (S112) towards Centrum
  • Take after 1,9 km the first exit at the roundabout (de Wibautstraat)
  • Towards Centrum
  • Keep right 2,3 km at Jonas DaniĆ«l Meijerplein
  • Take after 140m the fifth exit at hthe roundabout (Waterlooplein)
  • Turn right after 500m to Amstel
  • Turn right after 500m to Muntplein
  • Turn left after 40m to Muntplein
  • Turn right after 60m to Muntplein
  • Turn right after 175m to Herengracht

From Utrecht (A2)

  • Follow from Amstel the A2 to Amsterdam
  • Turn right after 2km to Nieuwe Utrechtseweg
  • Turn left after 2,4km to Stadhouderskade (S100)
  • Turn right after 0,9km to Weteringlaan
  • After 90m second exit at roundabout (de Nieuwe Vijzelstraat)
  • Turn left after 0,8km to Herengrach
Public transportaton

Amsterdam Centraal Station

Tram line: 1 (to Osdorp - De aker)
Tram line: 4 (to Station R.A.I)
Tram line: 9 (to Diemen - Sniep)
Tram line: 16 (to VU Medisch Centrum)
Tram line: 24 (to Stadionplein)
Tram line: 25 (to Pres. Kennedylaan)
  • Get off at Muntplein (Rokin)
  • Walk through the Vijzelstraat up to the Herengracht
  • Turn right at Herengracht

Route planner

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